Friday, July 23, 2010

Jargon Rowers!

Bow sides ( Kiri ) pasang oars, stroke sides ( kanan ) kena pegang boat. 
Tengok siapa yang tak pegang? Haha. 
Motif gambar ini?
Tiada. :p 

*Mencari semula semangat yang hilang.

Inner conflict of 2K.

Ultimate rower says this :

 "The problem with 2000 meter pieces is that it’s too SHORT to be a sprint yet too LONG to be  steady state piece."

But this is what I think :

 "The problem with 2000 meter pieces is that it’s too LONG to be a sprint yet too SHORT to be  steady state piece."

2K ergo/race is much more painful than running the miles, marathon and any other sports. I feel like giving up. Should I?

*Anda tak kan faham kecuali anda seorang pendayung. Jadi sila abaikan. :) Piece!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nothing much to say.

New semester.
- I am now is a 3rd year Civil Engineering student.

New house.
- Taman University Parit Raja.

New housemates.
- Aqilah, Mastura, Sakinah, Zarifh Ana, Syazana, Izzah Naqibah & Izzati.

New spirit for the games.
- Uniten Championship & Varsity Boat Race 2010.

New shoe? Hell yeah. :p
- Nike LunarGlide+ 2. He he.