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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Siapa kata sejarah tak mungkin berulang?

*The medals & the trophy. They probably cost a total of ten bucks to make, but they have an endless amount of value to me. I worked so hard for them. I have them because I deserve them. The good practices behind them, and the bad ones too. I can recall the days where I cried like a baby because it hurt, and the days when I felt like I was on top of the world because I’d done it. I can recall the moment when I've been kicked out from my sit that were supposed to be mine a week before competition starts. I can recall the blood, sweat, tears, blisters, laughter, and pain that came along with them. And for each one I hold it in my hands, I know and believe that it was all worth it after all. 

*The feeling of swing, the feeling when all my crews's blade were smoothly fly in the air, the feeling of knowing I gave it my all and having it show. That feeling when my legs are about to fall off and I don’t think I could stand, but deep inside my heart know I have to because it’s not just for me anymore, it’s for MY BOAT AND MY TEAM. And that moment when my cute little coxswain yells "Kita nak menang", "Kita dah menang", "Kita nak emas" and we start to move up. And then that moment when we pass the bow ball off of the stroke seat and we move on open water and we can taste VICTORY.

*That moment when we cross the finish line before anyone else and I can’t breathe and I feel like puking and my legs remember all the pain they’ve ever been through but it’s okay, because WE DID IT. Because NOTHING HURTS ANYMORE WHEN THERE'S MEDALS AROUND YOUR NECK.

*Thank you so much to my amazing coach, Mr Azlie Abdul Jalil. He isn't just our coach, but our friend. Our good friend. He is our unofficial big brother. I hope he knows that every race we row, even IF he is no longer my coach, part of me is still doing it for him. :)

*Also to my crews, especially woman's crew. You guys are like family of sisters I've never had. Almost literally, 24/7 for a month++ with a new family. Thank you for your spirit and your support. And for those girls who are not selected in the boat especially Alia Hani Tajuddin, Syafirah Abu Samah & Wan Ling, the spirit, the strength, the in-durance of you guys are there. So keep it up and never ever give up. I bet someday you guys will be better than me, better than us! Kejayaan kami adalah kejayaan anda semua juga. I never get the opportunity to talk during the game, I just want you guys to bear in mind that no matter which boat are you in and which sit you're gonna row. What matter the most is you believe in each one of your crews and your cox. As long as you trust them, they trust you and we trust our cox, gold medal will be ours. We proved it already right? :) To my lovely cutiey cox, Ranjini. You rock the lake & the cox box! :p You guys have given me a family that no one could ever replace. 

*And and, special thanks to these one girl that are in my boats, (She's my bowman for 4+ & 8+ hebat tak hebat? :p) Razlinda Zailan, she has given me a reason to stay after every single day of training, a reason for me to wake up at 6 am everyday and she taught me a lot about patient. We always talking nonstop about Rowing with each other, ngumpat ngumpat captain perempuan kan. Opssss and we loved insulting each other to no end. And the most important is she's the one who always ask me to push harder during every 2ks or any erg workout without me get annoyed like some other crews. She's like a second mother to us all. :p 

*Terima kasih juga kepada captain lelaki, Latib Lambosi dan captain wanita, Aminnur Hayati Zaiman dan Presiden Paddlers, Mohd Zulfadli Rozali. Berbaloi bukan segala penat lelah, keringat peluh dan air mata kita selama ini? :)

Nothing is more precious than this.
Thank You Allah.

In Red - 2009 ( 5 Golds )
In Blue - 2011 ( 5 Golds & 1 Bronze )

Setiap kejayaan bermula dengan angan-angan, jadi tak salah berangan-angan kerana tiada apa yang mustahil di dunia ini. :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sedapkan hati

Kalau ditakdirkan esok, lusa atau suatu hari nanti, engkau pergi meninggalkan aku. 
Aku redha. :')

Sunday, July 03, 2011